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Purpose of Jesus' death

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There is a good article on this topic<ref name=":0">[http://restitutio.org/2016/04/17/why-did-jesus-die-paper-for-2016-theological-conference/ Why Did Jesus Die? (Paper for 2016 Theological Conference)]</ref>. This article explains various existing explanations of Jesus' death, giving pro and contras for various explanations.
== [[User:Victor_Porton|Victor Porton's]] theory == ===[[User:Victor_Porton|Victor Porton's]] explanation===
While reading this article, [[User:Victor_Porton|I]] came up with an idea (first [https://endofgospel.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/did-christ-died-to-demonstrate-that-altruism-wins/ published in my blog]):
Please discuss this my idea further, especially how it fits with different Bible verses.
=== Further thoughts ===
Further thoughts are probably not as clear as the original idea, but need to be considered.
If Christ didn't die, to prove that altruism wins, it would be necessary to eliminate all sinners (that is us), because while there is at least one sinner, he is a fly in the ointment. So he has died instead of us.
=== Fitting with "biblical" criteria ===
The paper<ref name=":0" /> lists "biblical reasons are non-negotiable for any biblical atonement theory" of Jesus' death. Let's consider how they fit with [[User:Victor Porton|Victor Porton's]] theory:
* to provide eternal life - Victor Porton's theory does not address this issue but does not contradict it as well

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